Case Study - Ms Collins (MELB)


Ms Collins is the brain child of Roar Projects, an experienced and established hospitality group comprising of four passionate and driven partners with a vision to create a landmark destination within Melbourne’s CBD that pushes the boundaries beyond local expectations.

An astonishing fusion of music, food and design, inspired by famous New York fashion icon Iris Apfel, the venue oozes cool with its neo-edgy style overlapping high sophistication. A life-size horse hangs from the entry ceiling with greek statues splattered and rolled in bright pink neon paint, supposedly by the untameable Ms Collins herself.

Open most nights as a bar, and barber shop, and operating Thursday - Saturday nights as a nightclub the venue offers a variety of music focused offerings from R&B to house and live performance. 


With a patronage accustomed to sporting premium designer brands Ms Collins seeks to provide security and trust as well efficiency for their high demand cloakroom. Cloakr's platform successfully provides a solution that ensures piece of mind for the customer with clear labelling and digital records. Beyond managing coats, Cloakr provides key insights of data analysis. With Cloakr's platform, Ms Collins is able to generate an accurate customer database with details about arrival and departure times, male vs female ratios as well as visiting frequency to reward their most loyal customers.

Ms Collins and Cloakr continue to work together to innovate new ideas and opportunities. The latest addition provides customisable advertising space on the customers ticket, here a venues logo, drink specials or upcoming events are captivating customers with directly targeted marketing. 


Cloakr has transformed the traditional methods of cloakrooms to provide a fast, secure and reliable service to both venue and customer. Our continual innovation means were always looking for new ways to beat our check-in speeds and customer satisfaction. 

Ms Collins subscription since 29th May 2014 has led to the following:

• 11,739 items cloaked 

• 70 average check-ins per night

• The highest number of check-ins in one night was 210

• 8,166 new customers added to their database

Since switching from a manual cloak room service to digital Cloakr we have had huge success! Streamlined process, easy system and captivating database entries is a win-win in Ms Collins eyes. Great service, definitely recommend!