Cloakr merges with Chexology

To our friends and customers:

Today I am pleased to announce that Cloakr is joining forces with Chexology LLC, a New York company. The past three years have been an incredible experience full of learnings, and it has been a real pleasure working so closely with venues of all types. The product would not have been possible without their commitment.

Cloakr started as a way to learn more about a venue's clientele while providing a more secure and organised method to managing the hassles of operating a cloakroom. This will be carried on by Chexology’s product offering combined with a new layer of technology capable of providing the world’s fastest, and fully digital, cloakroom experience.

Chexology was founded by Derek Pacque (pictured), as a college student much like myself, who was frustrated by the archaic systems available for storing coats. He wanted to bring accountability, security and convenience to both the venues and clientele through mobile technology. Today Chexology operates at such venues as the MoMA and Barclay’s Centre Stadium in New York, House of Blues in Boston, Rec Room in Toronto and many other entertainment venues across North America, Canada and soon Australia.

By combining forces, we look forward to delivering more value and features to you all in 2018 and beyond!