Proper™ iPad Solutions -

If you're seeking stylish, modular and effortless accessories to mount customer facing iPads operating Cloakr then we highly recommend Studio Propers range of versatile solutions. 

Started in 2010 with the launch of the original iPad. Back then, its main value proposition was as a media consumption tool - music, youtube and movies, however it was also quite heavy to hold for long periods of time. This was a light bulb moment for Alon Tamir, the companies founder, there was a clear opportunity here to enhance and improve the experience people were having with their iPad.

Alon and his team initially set out to design a wall mount solution that included a protective case and mount disk, noticing that the first accessory iPad owners sought was a protective case, they knew that their solution needed to address that.

From that original product they've grown into the Proper™ accessories system that enables iPhone and iPad users to achieve every task with a range of great cases that mount effortlessly to premium modular accessories. Their products are now used by companies like Apple and Paypal, along with customers in over 70 countries!

Our favourite accessory is the Swivel Stand, a sturdy mountable 180 degree rotating stand that meets Cloakrs demands of being well built and easy to manoeuvre. The swivelling stand allows access from both patron and customer as well as adding a touch of sophistication. 

Mounting Case ($39.95) -

Swivel Stand ($89) -

Swivel Stand demo video -