Cloakroom management and data-capture

Cloakr was created to alleviate frustrated and overworked cloakroom attendants, solve the most common cloakroom issues and provide an overall superior cloakroom experience. Say no to lost tickets, automate your old fashioned process and save time and money for your venue or event.

Cloakr was launched in the spring of 2013. Since then we’ve worked with some of Australia’s best nightclubs, entertainment venues, concerts and conferences to convert an outdated system to a digital platform. Connect with us to see how Cloakr can be a benefit to your operation too!

Cloakroom management and data-capture
Looking for a smarter cloakroom solution?

Use the latest in digital technology to solve your most common cloakroom headaches, learn more about your customers and provide the simplest cloakroom experience.

Want to earn more from your cloakroom?

Get interactive and discover even more about your customer demographic, loyalty and length of stay.

Say hello to your newest employee.

Create an opportunity.
Say hello to your newest employee.
Intuitive interface

You, your staff and your customers will feel right at home with our easy to use and familiar interface.

Step 1.
Customer enters mobile number and contact information
Repeat customer recognition
Returning customers will be recognised by their mobile number
Step 2.
Gather customer contact information
Customise required fields
Get more personal with your customers, you decide how much to capture
Step 3.
Checked in / Check out
Get an overall view
Better manage your cloakroom by seeing what's going in and out
Print wirelessly
Whether you're running 1 or 10 Cloakr kiosks, print your tickets with ease over Wifi
Custom tickets
Your branding comes first, choose a logo to accompany customer tickets